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T-6203 Voice Evacuation Controller

T-6203 Voice Evacuation Controller

SYMBOL: T-6203

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Product description

The T-6203 is an voice alarm panel especially suitable for small voice alarm system. It will broadcast voice message to help evacuate in all zones over music system.

 It is designed with one pair of EMC (Fire alarm activation signal) screw inputs to receive and activate the voice message alarm system over background music system. The built-in siren is used to automatic broadcast after activation, while the pre-recorded voice message also could be recorded
and stored through the built-in mic and recorder.

The recording of voice massage could last more than 2 minutes. Play message, play siren, recording through mic or line four locators knob. The alarm mode, play/start, record/stop functional buttons. An output level indicator is provided. Alarm output for other relative fire alarm equipments.

* Built-in siren or pre-recorded voice alarm
* All zone voice alarm panel and voice generator
* Built-in recorded for user recording 2 minutes voice message
* 2 ways of recording through mic or line
* A mic input and a line input are provided for both ways of recording
* Alarm output for other fire alarm equipments
* 2 alarm modes: Siren or pre-recorded voice alarm

Technical data

Power Supply 220-240V
Power Consumption 20W
Output useful alarm signal
Dimension 19"/1U
Weight 4,5 kg

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