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T-6700R IP Network Audio Software

T-6700R IP Network Audio Software


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Product description

* Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7 operation system
* Full duplex communication system software
* Compatible of network audio system and intercom two systems
* Standard TCP/IP communication protocol for industrial applications
* Parameters set up center and administrator management center
* Built-in decoder to transfer analog signal through sound card into digital
* Head of the network audio system
* Collect and delivery sound over the internet
* Built-in weekly timer to program over music or sound files to automatically broadcast to designated zone at pre-set time
* Built-in system status display to surveillance each unit is working conditions
*Direct manual selected priority music broadcast or zone paging
* License code registration software
* Password protection to change configuration and log in
* Remote set up and easy maintenance
* Support more than 1,00 tasks transmitted simultaneously
* Nine priority levels for different users
* Customized-mapped connection diagram is available
*Easy to inter-work with third party system like CCTV, door access system and home automation system

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